The Basics of Social Media for Real Estate Investors

It’s no secret that social media is great for business. You can promote your brand, be seen by new people, and even connect with other entrepreneurs. Most people are used to social media being mostly for influencers in industries like fashion, health, fitness, or coaches. But did you know it can be just as helpful in real estate?

Social media for real estate investors – how to use it to be successful

There are several ways in which you can use social media as a real estate investor. 


If you want to network, meet other investors and potential clients, this is the perfect environment. Facebook Groups is usually the first thing that comes to mind, and truth be told, it is the easiest way to network via social media. But don’t overlook other options, including Instagram. Hashtags make it easy to find the right people and a few meaningful comments can be the first step to a new business relationship.

Showcase your portfolio

In other words, brag about some of your properties. Contrary to what you may believe, it is fairly common for people to look at pictures of available properties via Instagram, for instance, so share as many as possible. If you can, create videos that you can share via stories. You can even offer any questions potential buyers may have and get your next in-person visitors this way.

Share more than just sales posts

Social media for real estate investors shouldn’t be about constantly selling. It could be, but you risk to bore your audience, and even lose some potential clients. After all, they are human, and they like to know real estate investors are too. For this reason, one of the key ways to grow in social media is to take share more personal posts now and then.

Use smart marketing strategies

Posting at strategic times, using the right hashtags, and creating ads that will help you attract your ideal audience are crucial things if you want to be seen on social media. They’ll ensure you generate enough leads and grow your account at a steady pace. Posting every day can be exhausting, and scheduling in advance may feel easier in the end, but it requires a lot of careful planning. 

Ads also aren’t exactly easy. It is not enough to choose a post, decide how much you’re willing to pay and let them run. You could do this, but your ads won’t be very successful. You need to be sure you target the right audience, people who are truly interested in real estate, or you’re wasting your money. You can learn to do it on your own, but there is quite a learning curve. If you don’t have the time or energy to go through that, there are several companies, like Social Soaring, that can take care of the social media marketing for you. All you need to do is focus on the real estate part of your business, and they will do the rest, planning your posts and taking care of digital marketing.


Social media for real estate investors is a smart and easy way to generate leads, get the word out about your work, meet new people, and even find inspiration by seeing what others are doing. Let’s face it: nowadays, everyone is on social media. Focus on quality and consistency and in time, you’ll have the results you want.

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