John Paul Kilduff

JP Kilduff II

Serial Real Estate Entreprenuer


JP is a serial real estate entrepreneur owning businesses for flipping & wholesaling, long term rentals, vacation rentals, social media management, skip tracing & coaching. He is recently retired from the U.S. Coast Guard and operates all his businesses remotely.

Origin Story

Spending his childhood constantly in trouble & being told that he would likely end up dead or in jail, JP defied all the odds & achieved something in the U.S. Coast Guard that less than 1% of all members have ever achieved. That accomplishment propelled him to become a serial entrepreneur, community enhancer & influencer.

EPIC Speaking Topics

Lead by Example
Ready, Fire, Aim
If you’re going to fail, FAIL FORWARD
Live with Passion
How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything
Obsession that leads to massive achievement
Be Intentional
The Two C’s in Success
How confidence and conviction raised $8 mil
Promote Collaboration
From Solo to Serial Entrepreneur
Building business with systems and people

Featured On Podcasts

The Hidden Entrepreneur Show

Josh Cary spent 40 years in hiding. That’s right! He was hiding every part of himself in every situation, showing up in personal, social, and business trying to be the person he believed others expected of him. After feeling utterly exhausted from wearing that mask, and knowing deep down he is cut out for much more in this life, Josh ripped off the mask and is now on a mission to help other business-savvy professionals ‘unmask’ themselves too. Hear honest stories from successful entrepreneurs, creatives, and small business owners who were also once in the darkest of hiding places so you may rediscover your world, connect beautifully with others, and excel in all you set out to do. Hiding Sucks. Are you ready for the new score? Fear: Zero. You: Won.

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Alcoholic Entrepreneur

The Alcoholic Entrepreneur podcast is a fresh new podcast that explores what it takes to be successful in sobriety and in entrepreneurship. As someone who is both sober and an entrepreneur I truly believe that the mindset to be successful in both sobriety and entrepreneurship are extremely similar mindsets. Using my life experiences and the life experiences of my guests, we are willing go to any lengths necessary to live a successful, fun & fulfilling life. The Alcoholic Entrepreneur podcast was created to fight the stigmas of addiction & promote entrepreneurship.

Real Estate Investing With Jay Conner

Real Estate investing show for professional investors.

What Others Are Saying

Kevin Ng, Home Planet Solutions
JP is truly passionate about what he does and he believes inhelping others. I highly recommend his service.
Larry Roberts, Readily Random Podcast
Having JP on my podcast was an eye opening experience.He has a tremendous story of resilience as he attempts tomaximize his return while balancing the risks versus the reward.

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