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JP is a retired Cyber Security – Information Systems Security Officer in the Coast Guard. His 20-year career has included assignments as a Seaman at an Aids To Navigation unit on the Western Rivers, an Information Systems Analyst in the Great Lakes region, a Law Enforcement Officer for drug and migrant interdiction in the Caribbean, an IT Helpdesk Supervisor at the Coast Guard’s Centralized Service Center in St. Louis, a Drill Instructor at Basic Training in Cape May, NJ and a Cyber Security Officer in Yorktown, VA.

JP started his journey of personal and professional development back in 2008 when he attended college to obtain an Associates Degree in Applied Science and Computer Networking. He continued his education in 2016 when he joined Fortune Builders – the #1 Real Estate Education company.

JP’s journey through real estate has been guided by the personal and professional skills the military has instilled in him. He has excelled in the real estate industry by implementing the education and executing the action items and coaching to the highest level. During his first year of real estate JP founded Anchored Homes which he used to complete four flips and four wholesales. He has gone on to grow a team of 8 team members that work remotely across the world and has completed 100+ real estate transactions while adding 40+ rental units to his long term holdings portfolio.

After only two years of being a student of Fortune Builders, JP was recognized as a top-performing student and community influencer and was invited to become a Real Estate and Marketing coach. As a coach JP was top-rated by students, peers and staff for his incredible energy, creativity and genuine interactions. Having coached more than 3,000 students first hand JP has had the distinct privilege of evaluating businesses and markets across the country which has expanded his knowledge and resources.

In 2016, JP attended his first real estate networking event where he was greeted with judgement, cold shoulders and closed minded individuals. His passion for collaboration and abundance mindset inspired him to found the South Jersey Real Estate Investor Network in Atlantic County. His passion to inspire and share all his tools and experiences have been a driving force in growing the group from one investor at the first event to a group that has over 1,300 members and hosting more that 30 events. Investors in the group have completed more than 100+ deals since its inception.

In 2020, JP co-founded Social Soaring, a Social Media Management company for Real Estate entrepreneurs, with his Marketing Team Lead from Anchored Homes. After coaching busy entrepreneurs since 2018, he realized there was a massive gap between learning the strategies and tools and then finding the time to execute on what they were learning. He set out to create an affordable customer service oriented company that would help these busy entrepreneurs execute on their online presence.

In 2020, JP founded Best Skip Tracer, a company that provides contact information for lead lists typically provided by Real Estate professionals. As a real estate entrepreneur JP has bounced around as a customer between several skip tracing companies that have all charged premium rates for low quality, recycled information. Setting out to find a better solution for Anchored Homes he collaborated with his business partner to develop a solution and then replicate it for other entrepreneurs so they didn’t have to experience the same pain.

In 2020 JP co-founded Love My Stay, a Short Term Rental Business in Florida, that he operates with his wife (Carrie) and their lifelong friends. JP is using the rental arbitrage strategy that allowed him to quickly build his portfolio with little money out of pocket. The company specializes in helping landlords have a better experience with a premium tenant, like Love My Stay, that will bring the property to its full potential and then offer it up as a short term rental to traveling professionals and families.

JP currently lives in Virginia and operates all of his businesses remotely.

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Core Values

Lead by Example Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Live with Passion Find what you love and get obsessed
Be Intentional Do everything with confidence and conviction
Promote Collaboration Together we can all achieve more

Mission Statement

To motivate people to take action, inspire them to never quit and empower them to live out their wildest dreams


How you do anything is how you do everything


Kandle Coffman

I have had the pleasure of working with JP on multiple ventures and have always enjoyed the experiences. I knew I could trust him right away, his integrity shines through and it's obvious that he is driven by helping others. I believe in his vision and would recommend his services to anyone who also wants to grow and give back.

Divij Dave

JP is one of kind individual who truly does everything to his fullest with passion and excitement. He is highly self motivated and lives to help others and spread positivity. He definitely believes and lives his life by the phrase " A Rising Tide Rises all Ships"

Joseph Testa

I'm happy to say I have had the pleasure of knowing John for a couple of years now. He's always trying to help others and improve his community. He always looks at the positive side of things and is a great problem solver. I would recommend his services to everyone. You won't be disappointed.

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